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The growing popularity of systemic cryotherapy in the treatment of various types of diseases in the world, especially in Europe, necessitates searching for scientists and practitioners to answer a number of questions regarding the effectiveness and efficiency of cold treatment, patient safety, treatment standards or applied technological solutions in the production of systemic cryochamber devices.

It is worth to point here and recall the precursory achievements and extremely valuable scientific and pragmatic achievements in the field of systemic cryotherapy at the environment of Wroclaw’s universities and cryo-treatment centers as well as the production of systemic cryochambers.

We should welcome the growing number of scientific publications, including contribution from Wroclaw School devoted to use of cryogenic temperatures in the treatment of civilization diseases, in psychiatry or cosmetology, discussed in some extended details in this valuable Code of Good Practice.

Reading the content of the Code of Good Practice in Systemic Cryotherapy allows us to realise, that this publication is valuable and a comprehensive way of addressing problems of cryogenic temperature treatment in both the medical and technical-technological areas.

A special value of the Code publication is that it is basing content on empirical evidence and experience, as well in a clear and approachable form that will allow the dissemination of valuable knowledge contained in the Code in many science and medicine environments.


Professor of Energy Bartlomiej A. Glowacki
Professor (Cambridge, UK), Professor (Bernal, Ireland), Professor (Belweder, Poland)
Knight’s Cross Polonia Restituta