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Cryogenic chamber
Mono Cryo

We present to you our new cryochamber.

Mono Cryo cryogenic chamber is a stationary chamber, dedicated for 1-2 people.

The MonoCryo cryochamber is a modern device that allows the use of cold in treatment, rehabilitation, sports and recreation. The technologies and technical solutions used are of the highest standards resulting from many years of cooperation with universities, experience in production (more than 100 devices at home and abroad) and Creator’s independent provision of systemic cryotherapy services (more than 2 million treatments).

The Mono Cryo Cryochamber is a device perfectly suited for installation in small rooms of sports and recreation centers, spa and fitness@wellness centers, hotel facilities or private residential facilities.

The Mono Cryo Cryo chamber by Creator sp. z o.o. is available on a lease or rental basis, with the option to buy back the equipment.


Basic parameters of the cryochamber

  • Nominal current consumption 16 (A)
  • Electrical supply 230/50 (V/Hz)
    Temperature range in the treatment chamber -60 to -160oC
  • Temperature range in the atrium: from -40oCto -60oC
  • Recommended temperature in the treatment chamber -120oC
  • Recommended temperature in the atrium -60oC
  • Cooling time of the cryochamber to temp. -120oCto 30 – 40 (min)
  • Dwell time in the treatment chamber (adjustable by operator) 1-3 (min)
  • Dwell time in the vestibule (adjustable by operator) 1-3 (min)
  • Automatic cryochamber regeneration: user programmable time
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Cooling of the cryochamber to the recommended temperature in the treatment chamber -120oC100 -120 (kg)
  • During the treatment (3 min) 35 – 80 l
  • Consumption of liquid nitrogen during treatments – 35-70 l/h.
  • Power supply: alternating voltage
  • Atmospheric pressure: 95 – 106 kPa
  • Ambient temperature: 10 – 25oC
  • Relative humidity: < 40%
  • Type of work: continuous operation
  • Voltage value and frequency: 230V, 50 Hz
  • Rated power 450 VA
  • Temperature in the atrium: -60oCto -20 oC
  • Maximum number of patients per chamber (depending on size): up to 1-2 patients
  • Operating temperature range of the treatment chamber: -100oCto -160oCin 1oCincrements
  • Treatment time programmable in the range: up to 5 minutes in 1s increments
  • Oxygen concentration in the chamber: 18,5 – 21 %
  • Temperature stabilization in the treatment chamber: +/- 3 (max. +/-10)˚C
  • Amount of breathing air entering the chamber: (163 K) > 35 m3/h
  • Life span of oxygen sensors: 3-4 years to temp -160˚C
Decrease in oxygen concentration in the chamber:
– Below 17% – audible signal and automatic shut-off of cryogenic liquid supply to both the chamber and the building
– Above 22% – audible signal and automatic shut-off of cryogenic liquid supply to both the chamber and the building
For the patient: a button in the chamber – a light and sound signal.