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CR-2011 CH-1/B cryogenic chamber


The Cr-2011 model CH-1/B cryogenic chamber is manufactured in three versions:

  • 5-6 person version,
  • in a 3-4 person version
  • And in a 2-3 person version.

All of these versions have common design and technical solutions to ensure the stability of the cryochambers’ operating parameters and safety in their operation, and here are some of them:

Interior of the safe chamber – linden wood paneling

Prefabricated structure , consisting of a vestibule and a chamber proper, with walls filled with thermal insulation

The cooling medium is liquid nitrogen and liquid air

Automatic control after setting the operating parameters

Basic parameters of the cryochamber

– length 3150 – 4500 (mm)
– width 2300 – 2500 (mm)
– height 2500 (mm)
Chamber weight ~ 500 – 800 (kg)

  • Nominal current consumption 16 (A)
  • Electrical supply 230/50 (V/Hz)
    Temperature range in the treatment chamber -80 to -160oC
  • Temperature range in the atrium -60oC
  • Recommended temperature in the treatment chamber -120oC
  • Recommended temperature in the atrium -60oC
  • Cooling time of the cryochamber to temp. -120oC25 (min)
  • Dwell time in the treatment chamber (adjustable by operator) 1-3 (min)
  • Dwell time in the vestibule (adjustable by operator) 1-3 (min)
  • Automatic cryochamber regeneration: user programmable time
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Cooling of the cryochamber to the recommended temperature in the treatment chamber -120oC100 -120 (kg)
  • During the treatment (3 min) 3 – 4 (kg)
  • Power supply: alternating voltage
  • Atmospheric pressure: 80 – 106 kPa
  • Ambient temperature: 10 – 25oC
  • Relative humidity: < 40%
  • Type of work: continuous operation
  • Voltage value and frequency: 230V, 50 Hz
  • Rated power 1450 watts
  • Maximum number of patients per chamber (depending on size): up to 6 patients
  • Treatment time programmable in the range: up to 3 minutes in 1s increments
  • Nitrogen consumption per cooling: to -120oC -ca 100 kg,
  • Cryochamber cooling time: ca 45 min. up to -120oC
  • Temperature stabilization in the treatment chamber: +/- 3 (max. +/-10)˚C
  • Amount of breathing air entering the chamber: (163 K) > 35 m3/h
  • Life span of oxygen sensors: 3-4 years to -160˚C -ca 120 kg
  • Nitrogen consumption during treatments: (depending on version): ca 100kg/h

Decrease in oxygen concentration in the chamber:
– Below 17% – audible signal and automatic shut-off of cryogenic liquid supply to both the chamber and the building
– Above 22% – audible signal and automatic cut-off of cryogenic liquid supply to both the chamber and the building
For the patient: a button in the chamber – a light and sound signal.

General scheme
and layout of rooms