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Innovative elements of Creator sp. z o.o. in the construction of stationary and container cryochambers and Mono-Cryo chamber


All systemic cryochamber types in the “CreatorStandard” version:


Creator security system:

  • full, automatic opening of the cryochamber door in an emergency (e.g. oxygen pressure drop and other types of failure).
  • the ability to control the amount of fog in the cryochamber (an important parameter for the safety and comfort of the procedure for people of non-standard height).
  • cmaintaining (UPS) the full operation mode of the cryochamber (also during the procedure) for several hours in the event of a lack of basic power supplyd.
  • Security measures – the opening of the cryochamber door and its activation by unauthorized persons will not be possible, access code will be provided and used only by trained and authorized personnel.
  • laser sensors monitoring the patient’s vertical posture in the cryochamber (with emergency shutdown of the cryochamber and opening the door in the event of a fall or sliding of the patient) – testing phase before implementation
  • the safest anti-panic lock on the market installed in the cryochamber – testing phase before implementation


Creator sound system

  •  a two-way communication system with the patient during procedures in the cryochamber (camera and microphone),
  • the ability to play sound in the cryochamber directly from the phone via a bluetooth module,
  • full acoustic-optical signaling in the event of any irregularities


Creator eco system

  • high economic efficiency of operation by limiting the consumption of the cooling medium (liquid nitrogen), including by setting control valves based on many years of empirical research and other technical systems,
  • “Cold storage”, which closes mechanically when the door is being opened (flap that blocks the lower part of the exchanger) – testing stage before implementation.

 “CreatorBasic” versions of cryochambers – additional options in the technical development phase:

  • treatment’s counter in the cryochamber and logging in to different profiles (depending on who supports)
  • standby mode, in which the cryochamber is kept for a certain time at a reduced temperature (but not the minimum)
  • generating one-time service codes for a given cryochamber, which can be given to the Customer (Investor) for e.g. calibration of oxygen meters (in this version the cryochamber where there is no remote access to it).

Creator Premium version of Cryochamber – additional options in the technical development phase.

  • remote control and preview of the cryochamber through an internet connection (e.g. with a smartphone)
  • scheduling of cooling the cryochamber according to the calendar (if the given date and time are reached, the program will check whether the door is closed and all indicators are normal, if so – it will start to cool, if not – loud acoustic-optical signaling will be activated.
  • in the case of adding a pressure sensor – the possibility of additional, indicative monitoring of nitrogen consumption as a coolant in the cryochamber
  • generating one-time codes for clients / patients using a cryochamber treatment (3 treatments purchased – 3 codes, which after entering as a password to the user profile, allow the use of the treatment)
  • possibility of introducing the customer’s (Investor’s) own colors into the computer program for cryochamber operation.
  • guarantee of annual update to the latest version of the cryochamber operating software system
  • premium sound system in the cryochamber (use of higher quality speakers in the spatial version)