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Mono Cryo in Hungary

We are pleased to announce that the Company has installed the first Mono Cryo compact cryochamber in a sports center in Szeged, Hungary.

Multifunctional Pick Sports Arena Inaugurated in Szeged


Patent for Creator

We are pleased to announce that the mobile cryochamber created at the Company and unique in Poland has obtained a patent certificate as a medicinal product.


The only ones on the market have solved the problem of nitrogen haze.

The many years of experience of the Creator technical team in combination with the use of innovative solutions has resulted in an effective solution to the problem of discomfort resulting from nitrogen haze during the use of the cryogenic chamber. In the currently proposed cryochambers, the Operator of the device has the option – through the control panel – to significantly reduce the fog effect generated during the operation of the cryochamber, which automatically translates into increased comfort for patients using cryotherapy treatments. Creator is the only producer of cryogenic chambers in Poland offering this unique solution.


Cryochamber admission certificate in the Russian Federation

We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained a certificate allowing our systemic cryochambers to be used in the Russian Federation, where we already conduct and develop activities through our Trade Representation – Medeor Company (http://creator-rus.ru/)


New in the Creator’s offer – cryochamber 1-2 person Mono Cryo

We present our new cryochamber.

The Mono Cryo cryogenic chamber is a stationary chamber, dedicated for 1-2 people.

The MonoCryo cryochamber is a modern device that allows the use of cold in treatment, rehabilitation and sport as well as recreation, and the technologies and technical solutions used are of the highest standards resulting from many years of cooperation with universities, experience in production (over 100 devices in Poland and abroad) and independent Creator’s services of systemic cryotherapy (over 2 million treatments).

The Mono Cryo cryochamber is a device perfectly suited for installation in small rooms in sports and recreation centers, spa and fitness @ wellness centers, in hotel facilities or in private residential facilities.

Mono Cryo cryochamber by Creator sp.z o.o. is available in the rental or leasing system, with the option of buying the device.

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We are pleased to inform you that the company Creator Sp. z o.o. in Wrocław (Poland), expanding its previous foreign activity in the sphere of sales of systemic cryochrones and as part of the expansion of its products and services, launched its own Sales Representative on the market of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Feel free to contact our Sales Representative in the person of Mr. Tom Tokarek, and get acquainted with

Creator’s latest commercial offer



New partner!

We are pleased to inform you that we have partnered with a new partner from Russia.

From now on you can buy our cryochamber in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We invite you to the partner’s website



Presentation of the mobile cryogenic device at the 25th Rehabilitation Fair 2017 in Łódź.

On September 21-23, Creator in cooperation with Messer Sp. with o.o. presented during the jubilee 25th Rehabilitation Fair 2017 in Łódź – the first in Poland – Mobile Cryotherapy Center.



Academy of Physical Education (AWF) – 70th Anniversary Celebrations.

CREATOR as a partner of the Academy had the honour of participating in the festive celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of that University, presenting its innovative solution in the field of cryotherapy – the mobile cryochamber.



2016 Rehabilitation Trade Fairs in Łódź

We participated in the consecutive 2016 Rehabilitation Trade Fairs in Łódź held between 22-24 September.
We wish to thank all who visited us for their interest in our offer.



Transportable cryochamber – our new product.

We are expanding our offer by a transportable cryochamber.
We invite you to become acquainted with our presentation.