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We are proud to introduce you Tom Tokarek – Our Sales Representative in UK

Tomasz Tokarek – qualified manager (UK NVQ 5) in the field of rehabilitation of people with traumatic brain injury, central nervous system and spinal injuries. He began his career as a student in the department of public health and medical rescue in Nysa, expanding his horizons by winning the Socrates / Erasmus scholarship and continuing his studies at the Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Since 2006, he has continued his achievements in Great Britain, where he has been specializing as a rehabilitation brain injury team leader for patients with severe brain injury and spinal injuries, cooperating with a team of specialists such as neuropsychologists, speech and language therapists, hydro and physiotherapists, and others. In 2010, he broadened his qualifications by gaining a diploma in the field of health and social care (UK NVQ5). An expert in first aid training, pre-hospital care and manual handling of patients, using lifts and other available equipment. Effective communication is his strong feature, which he uses as an instructor for courses of first aid for medical staff (CPR and hospital care), teachers and employees of various sectors. He has been cooperating with training agencies and British media for over two years – BBC and ITV Television, where he provides intensive training in first aid, pre-hospital care and trauma care. Effectively manages teams of employees providing care and rehabilitation for patients with traumatic brain injuries, investing in employee training, communication skills, and above all – professionalism.