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Our representative in the UK

Tomasz Tokarek – a qualified mentor (Brittany NVQ 5) in the field of rehabilitation of people with traumatic brain injury, central nervous system and spine. He began his career as a student at the Faculty of Emergency Medicine I Public Health in Nysa, broadening his horizons by winning a Socrates / Erasmus scholarship and continuing his studies at the Medical University of Plvdiv, Bulgaria.

Since 2006, he has continued his achievements in the UK, where he has specialized for more than 11 years as a rehabilitation manager for patients with CNS and spinal injuries, working with a team of specialists such as neuropsychologists, speech and language therapists, hydro and physiotherapists and others. In 2010, he expanded his qualifications by earning a diploma in health and social care (Brittany NVQ5). Expert in training in pre-medical first aid and patient transfer using hoists and other available equipment. Effective communication is his strong trait, which he uses as an instructor of pre-medical first aid training for health care workers (hospital and pre-hospital CPR), teachers, employees of various sectors. For more than two years, he has been working with training agencies and British media – BBC Television I ITV, where he gives intensive training in general first aid, as well as traumatic cases. He effectively leads teams of employees providing care and rehabilitation for brain-injured patients, investing in employee training, communication skills, and above all, professionalism.