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Device for local cryotherapy (cryostimulation ) BRYZA II CREATOR

We offer you a cryotherapy device with a tank, which is used for local cooling of the body surface using liquid nitrogen with a temperature of up to – 160 degrees Celsius. C.

It is a fully mobile, easy to use and at the same time reliable device, which enables effective and efficient application of local cryostimulation with full comfort of implemented treatments. The device is characterized by high efficiency and economy of use,allowing the use of a 4-stage scale of blowing intensity. Touch control panel allows simple and intuitive operation of the device,combined with control of its operating parameters and indication of the supply of refrigerant (liquid nitrogen) in the tank.

The devices we offer have been manufactured in close cooperation with Kriomedpol, a leader in the manufacture and supply of topical cryostimulation devices.

The device is offered in a version with a YDS -30 tank.

Therapeutic effects :

– pain relief,

– Lowering the activity of inflammatory processes,

– Reduction of muscle tension,

– reducing swelling,

– improving the range of joint mobility

– Relief of post-burn conditions,

– Reducing the healing time for injuries and trauma,

Due to the large number of disease entities for which topical cryotherapy is applicable, it is advisable to establish specific recommendations through a medical or physiotherapeutic consultation.