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Technical description

Certified Bryza type local cryostimulation device in three variants, depending on the capacity of liquid nitrogen tanks: 30, 50 and 15 liters.

Benefits for users:

  • pressure-free and safe to use
  • easy to use, convenient and reliable
  • selection of the tank depending on the needs of customers
  • unique technology allows the nitrogen vapor supply line to the patient’s skin surface to remain flexible
  • is immediately ready for use – in 30 seconds from startup it reaches operating temperature (-100 to – 160 degrees Celsius)
  • does not cause frostbite on the skin, because the steam jet is uniform and does not contain droplets of liquid nitrogen.

Patient benefits:

  • pain reduction
  • boost metabolism
  • reduction in the activity of the inflammatory process
  • Reduce the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers
  • reduction of skeletal muscle tension
  • faster recovery and recuperation
  • Improved mobility in the treated joints
  • acceleration of the treatment process
  • reduction of swelling
  • Reduces cellulite and firms the skin.