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Technical innovations in stationary, container and Mono Cryo cryocoolers from Creator Sp. zo.o.

All types of systemic cryochambers in the “CreatorStandard” version are equipped with innovative systems:

Creator security system:

  • automatic opening of the cryochamber door in an emergency situation and at the end of the programmed treatment time (selectable option)
  • innovative control system of temperature distribution in the cryochamber
  • advanced UPS power supply system, allowing the device to continue working for several hours without mains power supply
  • protection against activation of the cryochamber by unauthorized persons
  • secure panic lock
  • fog reduction system in the cryochamber
  • guarantee of annual upgrade to the latest version of the cryochamber operation software system

Creator sound system:

  • full two-way communication with the user
  • bluetooth controlled entertainment system
  • comprehensive announcement of faults by optical and acoustic signaling


Creator eco system:

  • The latest patented technology on the market to reduce nitrogen consumption

“CreatorBasic” version of cryochambers (additional options under technical development):

  • Counter of treatments in the cryochamber and logging to different profiles (on request)
  • Creator standby – full flexibility of treatments at any given time
  • Creator fast check system – quick diagnosis of basic faults

“CreatorPremium” version of the cryochamber (additional options under technical development):

  • Creator planner – scheduling treatments at any time
  • System of constant observation of nitrogen consumption
  • the possibility of introducing the Client’s (Investor’s) own color scheme into the computer program for cryochamber operation
  • Creator sound premium in cryochamber