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The company CREATOR Sp. z o. o. also manufactures a device for local cryotherapy

– CRIOVITA type medical stimulator model A/1.

Creator Sp z o.o. developed the modern CRIOVITA model A/1 topical cryotherapy device in 2011.

Medical stimulator type CRIOVITA model A/1 is used to perform cryostimulation procedures through local vapor supply of liquid nitrogen, in order to induce and use the physiological reactions of the body to cold.

Cryostimulation treatments are used in treatment and rehabilitation for many medical specialties.

Medical stimulator type CRIOVITA model A1 – works with a non-pressurized tank of liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen head with a tank connection system is equipped with a heater, which, by providing heat, causes evaporation of liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen vapors are pushed through the head into a flexible hose and out to the outside, where they are directed by the therapist performing the treatment to the cooled areas of the patient’s body using a special applicator.

The simulator is equipped with a control panel displaying operating parameters (device readiness and approximate cylinder fill level indicator), and allows you to set device operating parameters such as treatment duration, and blowing intensity.

Cryostimulation treatments are used to locally cool the body surface with a stream of nitrogen vapor at a temperature of – 160oCfor approx. 3 min.
The device has been registered with the Office for Registration of Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, while the correctness of the technical solutions and their compliance with the applicable standards has been confirmed by CE Certificate No. 1451/M/0004/08 for the “CRIOVITA” device.

CRIOVITA model A/1 has an EC certificate issued by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification S.A. number 1434-MDD-67/2011.

  • Supporting treatment after soft tissue and joint injuries (contusions, hematomas, sprains)
  • Post-traumatic or overstress lesions of the joints
  • Joint diseases of metabolic origin – gout
  • Degenerative joint diseases, periarthritis
  • inflammatory diseases of connective tissue: myositis, fibromyositis and collagenosis
  • diseases of the nervous system: root syndromes, spastic paresis
  • spinal pain syndromes
  • Blowing vapor temperature about -160oC
  • Weight of the stimulator without liquid nitrogen 38 kg
  • Protection class I protection type B
  • Installed power 500 watts
  • Total maximum weight of the stimulator up to 97 kg (with the largest tank TR 60)
  • Average consumption of liquid nitrogen per hour from 6.0 to 9.0 kg
  • Tank capacity – depending on the type from 10 to 60 liters of liquid nitrogen